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Thread: RDIO Refugees, Where Did You End Up?

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    RDIO Refugees, Where Did You End Up?

    It's been about a month since rdio shut down and I'm almost out of podcasts and sick of listening to youtube ads. The Sasquatch lineup is out and I need to get caught up with it. It's time to accept that rdio is not coming back and sign up for something else. In canada, the market is down to spotify, tidal, google play, and apple music and while this sounds like a lot of choices, I can't quite figure out which is less worse.

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    They're all more or less equal when it comes to core features, the apps aren't terrible looking, the music sounds fine, they all offer offline sync. None of them have worthwhile music recommendations (admittedly, neither did rdio), or anywhere near the social features that rdio had. All of them have a song-based queue, even though music comes in albums.
    The mac apps for spotify and tidal are workable, the apple music app is itunes which isn't great, but it is already installed on my machine. the app for google is the web, it's fine but not any better than that. None of them are dramatically better or worse than rdio's mac app, which I really only used about 10% of the time anyway. This is a wash.

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    Music Discovery was the weakness that made me switch back from google play to rdio when I tried it last year. The New Music section in the app shows 4 (four) new albums, then pages and pages of old ones. worthless. Tidal shows 8 before mixing in a variety of stale content. Spotify is slightly better, showing 22 new records before working its way backwards through time. Apple pulls way ahead, showing 54 new records. This is still not quite enough to get out of the music that is on the radio which I'm using this app to escape from in the first place. Thousands of new records come out each week and while most of it is uninteresting or bad, it seems like a huge oversight to not include an unfiltered list of everything new from this week. Rdio had This Week, Last Week and 2 Weeks ago; and this was my most used section of the app.

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    Google's offline sync is probably the best, letting me pin specific playlists/albums to both my phone and tablet if I like, and it doesn't place the offline music in a separate section, just a filter anywhere that music is listed. Apple and Spotify are pretty similar. Tidal adopts rdio's method of sequestering this music in a different section, which is very clunky at times, but not exactly a dealbreaker.

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    Apple doesn't support chromecast, not a surprise, but since my chromecast audio is my most-used position on the stereo dial, it's important. Tidal doesn't either, with no timeline for when they might. Google and spotify do.
    On paper, Spotify seems like the one with the least frustrations and roadblocks, but they're also the only one not backed by a big tech company or jayz. Rdio shutting down on me was not easy to deal with on both a technical and emotional level, it would be nice to not deal with csv files and nostalgia ever again. Spotify's marketing is really shady, it's not the most important thing, but giving them money is a pixel on a pie chart telling them they're doing something right, and I don't really want them to think that.
    What did you end up choosing? What moved the needle for you?

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