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Thread: What were Apple's damages specifically for utility patents

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    What were Apple's damages specifically for utility patents

    I'm totally okay with Apple winning billions off Trade dress claims. I hate touchwiz with a passion. In-fact, its the primary reason I learned how to install a custom rom (I own a Samsung Captivate).
    But the patent stuff is what concerns me. I glad Apple lost the "rounded rectangle" BS. But it seems as though they prevailed on the pinch to zoom and tap to zoom crap.

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    What were the damages Awarded to apple based on those claims. The jury didn't award damages to the violations of Samsung patents....I'm hoping something similar happened here.

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    bounceback, pinch to zoom & tap to zoom were found to be infringed and were upheld as valid patents… So automatically all android devices infringe pinch to zoom & tap to zoom… bounceback has long been replaced anyway or where its not its easy to do anyway.
    worrying times especially as multi-touch was developed in the 80’s then refined in early 90’s, it was also commercialised by a few companies from 2004-2006 all predating iPhone’s 2007 reveal and Dec’06 patent application.
    Bizarre how Samsung were so inept they couldn’t get that invalidated.

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    all the early multitouch stuff was very different to what what see in the iphone, iPad. mostly moving 2 hands on a large surface.
    apple bought fingerworks in 2005 which had a lot of the modern touchscreen tech. apple also added a lot of things to mutltitouch that have never been seen before.
    samsung tried to push the prior art angle, but obviously the jury thought apple’s execution was new and different enough that their patents are valid.

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