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Thread: Evernote: Feature Parity Lacking Between Platforms

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    Evernote: Feature Parity Lacking Between Platforms

    I have been a pretty hardcore Evernote user, and borderline evangelist about the product. Most of my friends have asked me about my organization techniques, and the conversation inevitably leads to a mention of Evernote, along with other productivity tools. Over the years, though, I have been sidestepping an issue -- a lack of feature parity between platforms. I switched from Android to iOS a few years ago. My wife is still going strong on Android. While I read about some features that were available exclusively, on the iOS app, it wasn't until I switched from Android that truly realized the disparity between the the iOS and Android apps. I cannot speak for the feature set on Windows Phone, but I suspect there may be the same issue.

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    The issue first came to my attention when Evernote released Hello. The business card scanning feature wasn't available for Android devices, and then when business card scanning was added to the main Evernote app for iOS, the feature wasn't added to the Android app. This was a major disappointment to users, like my wife, who get tons of business cards and could have used that feature to quickly capture contact information and not be bogged down with business cards. Once I switched to an iPhone, I kept an eye on the differences between the main Evernote app, and there are many, as well as some of Evernote's offshoot apps--most recently Scannable.

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    I know there are plenty of scanning and PDF creation apps out there, but for someone that's tied into Evernote, Scannable is a pretty useful tool for scanning receipts, documents, articles, etc. Again, this would be something that would tremendously useful to my wife. I checked, and there's no version of the app available for Android. I checked Evernote's blog to see if there was any word about the release of an Android version of Scannable. Several people left comments under the blog entry, when the app was released, asking about an Android version. No response from Evernote. So, I took to Twitter yesterday.

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    So, here I am writing in the forum to see if I can get some thoughts an opinion on Evernote's apparent strategy of app development and cross-platform support. I pay for the Evernote Premium level for my account, as well as my wife's. I Evernote's rather glib response to my question, and no follow up to my reply, has left me wondering if I should look for an alternative, such as OneNote. Am I wrong for having a reaction? The kicker was them suggesting I leave a comment in the feedback forum. If Evernote actively monitored the forum and took action on overwhelming feedback, this would not be an issue.

    I look at a company like Basecamp that offers simultaneous updates to its iOS and Android apps at the same time. No "Stay Tuned" for an Android update, or missing features from on platform to the other. If Basecamp can do it, why can't Evernote, and other app developers?

    I really don't want this to be a flame war between iOS and Android. I am looking for a constructive discussion about whether it makes sense, at this point of Android and iOS for developers to either not develop apps for Android, or having an Android app available that is not as feature rich as the iOS app.

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    Ditch Evernote.
    There is no point in begging iOS-first developers to care about Android. They are happy with their App-store money and don’t make a lot from the Play Store. In a way, if you ditch them for lack of Android support, that will just further their argument of the lack of earnings from the Android platform.
    There really is nothing you can do other than looking for replacements by developers who care about Android and about being cross-platform.
    You sure as hell shouldn’t pay a company 40 bucks a year if they don’t support one of the OS you use.

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