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Thread: Need advice on external hard drives

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    Need advice on external hard drives

    First of all let me explain my situation. I bought a Razer Blade this year and looking back I should've been more concerned w the longevity of the purchase. At the time I only had so much money, needed a gaming laptop and chose the 256GB Blade 2017. I needed a gaming laptop for work and I needed it fast, but only had so much credit to work with. Literally another $200 would've broken the bank (and really pissed my wife off.) It wasn't an option at the time to shoot for the 512GB model. Yes, I realize there are other gaming laptop that we're cheaper and offer better storage at around the same price.

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    I'm not sure if you all know but the sheer size of recent AAA titles can make even a 1TB SSD look like a 16GB smartphone. Lately I've been juggling games, keeping only ones I use on the machine, uninstalling and reinstalling which is for lack of a better word a real pain in the ass.

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    Which brings me to the post itself. Seeing as how it's the holiday season, Cyber Monday, etc I was wondering if anyone has experience with high speed external drives. The Blade has USBC/thunderbolt 3 ports, so any modern high speed drive will work with it. What I'm looking for is something around 1TB that I can dock, install games on and use as overflow storage. Can anyone recommend something that meets my requirements?

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    Pretty much any new drive will work for your purposes. Obviously hard drives won’t be as fast as SSDs but it should work fine for your purposes. I actually picked up that Lacie as well. No complaints, although I thought it was Thunderbolt 3 because it said Thunderbolt/USB-C but it’s actually USB 3.1 gen 2 (10 Gbit/s) and Thunderbolt 1 (10 Gbit/s as well), the Thunderbolt cable is integrated and has a separate USB-C port. Makes no difference that it’s USB 3.1 gen 2 instead of TB3 since it’s an HDD and even the SSD version is probably hooked up with 6 Gbit/s SATA on the inside anyway. Speeds for mine are at about 130 MB/s read and write over both Thunderbolt and USB-C (compared to over 2 GB/s read and 1.8 GB/s write on my Macbook Pro).
    You should go for it, but I would also look at upgrading the SSD in the Razer as well.

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    I thought about that but I risk voiding the warranty. I’m not sure if Razer will upgrade it for me, but if they can I’ll most likely have to buy the new drive and they’ll send me my old one.
    I’m trying to bypass anything like that by getting a new high speed SSD that I can carry around w me and that will end up costing me less overall.
    Thank you for your advice!

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