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Thread: Cheapest Zoom+SlowMo setup to film cycling event (help!)

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    Cheapest Zoom+SlowMo setup to film cycling event (help!)

    The set up will be put at a corner where the cyclist riding toward and bend out which will be only in focus for a couple of seconds. (with speed around20-25km/h)

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    I will need 2-3 sets of it to cover different area of the route so would love it to be very cheap.

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    I think I would love to go with is 60fps and use some plug in to cheat it but i don't mind any 120fps with a nice price
    This is a kind of shot that am looking toward to for this setup still this is amateur hobby stuff which I would love to keep it that way .

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    Used RX-100s? Sony may have cheaper small sensor cameras that do slow mo too, but you won’t get much depth of field with them.

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    I expect that Sony RX10 II would be the best option, giving you tons of options – 1080p @ 120fps, all the way up to 800270 @ 960fps. It’s also got a wide-range 24-200/f2.8 lens that should be appropriate for what you want. It costs $1200, though.
    60fps doesn’t give that much of a slow-mo effect (unless you’re maybe slowing it down to 24p), but if that’s usable, there are a ton of cheaper options on the market.
    The Sony A6000 is available with a 2-lens kit (with 16-50mm and 55-210mm zooms) for $850.
    The Panasonic GX85 gives even better video quality (with a 4K option, though only 30 fps) as well as very high-quality in-body image stabilization for handheld shooting, and a similar 2-lens kit (12-32mm and 45-150mm) for the same $850. However, it is a smaller sensor than the Sony, so won’t give quite as much background blur. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for video shooting though, it makes it that much more forgiving…

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