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Thread: Impact of a negative Aereo decision on cloud storage providers

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    Can anyone explain this thrown-in paragraph at the end of Vox's "What is Aereo?" card by Timothy B. Lee? Seems like a very major point to gloss over like that. Nilay, Matt, anyone?

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    Impact of a negative Aereo decision on cloud storage providers

    "The case, which the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, could have profound effects on the Internet economy. That's because the Cablevision decision is the legal foundation for cloud storage services like Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Player. A loss for Aereo could call the legality of those services into question."

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    Bottom line: holders have a bunch of rights. One of those rights is the exclusive right to public performance and rebroadcasting.
    The services mentioned have online players for audio files that YOU have uploaded.

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    So, say you have an mp3 for Song X. You put it into your cloud player app of choice. It is uploaded to the server from your desktop. You then take your laptop to your mom’s house for dinner and listen to X there, via their wifi, using that cloud player. Legally speaking, that process has resulted in a copy and public performance/rebroadcast of X. And because it was a song you uploaded, who the hell knows if your cloud player of choice has a license with the relevant rights holders to do that kind of thing?

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