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Thread: Dark Sky - Is it worth it?

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    Dark Sky - Is it worth it?

    Why is there a lot of fuss around Dark Sky? I'm under the impression that you can receive alerts when it's about to rain, but is that where the fun ends?
    I use Carrot weather, it's hilarious, you can unlock and check the weather for secret locations like Mount doom (comedy in itself) or Risa, where I'm informed many of commander riker's bastard children now live, and you check future or past weather days using a flux capacitor, brilliant.

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    I do not however receive notifications for when it's about to rain, is it worth forking out the moolah for DS, is it accurate, does it actually work?

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    It really depends if the knowledge is work a buck or two. I have dark sky and love it. Its really nice to know whether its raining at your house when im at work. It allows me to plan for my sons’ games (that take place close to my home, not my job). There are plenty of times when radar looks like it should be raining, but it’s not (at least in my area).

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    It does work, the problem though is that there are other apps that pull from the same data that also work, and don’t require a subscription.

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    That being said, Dark Sky released their data as an API, and that’s what Carrot weather uses. If you’re happy with Carrot, Dark Sky will show you the same data so probably no need to change. The notifications are cool, but not necessarily useful.
    I have both Dark Sky and Carrot installed. I use Dark Sky on a day-to-day basis as I like how it presents weather info, and I think their upcoming forecasts for the week are easy to read. I use Carrot for the Apple Watch complication which is more detailed and flexible than Dark Sky’s, and I also use it for the Notification Center Widget on my phone, as it is also more detailed than the Dark Sky widget. As they pull from the same data stores, using them both is pretty easy.

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