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Thread: Canon 6D Mark II vs Sony A7 Mark III - Your suggestions?

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    Yeah I know that's a strange question as both cameras do not exist, but I've heard that both of them are coming this year. So I decided to wait instead of buying non-future proof A7 II or current 6D.

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    Canon 6D Mark II vs Sony A7 Mark III - Your suggestions?

    What to expect from both cameras? Which one should I choose for more stills and less video?

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    I don’t see how the A7 II isn’t future proof? Like a good shoot generally will be a good shot no matter the age of the camera. Plus, every day you are without a camera or the camera that works for you better can be a missed shot opportunity.

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    But the question is so broad as to be almost meaningless. So many details need to get filled in…
    What are you mainly planning to shoot? This matters the most, and informs almost everything else.
    What is your budget for lenses? Also very important.
    But also…
    What cameras have you used before?
    What was your favourite camera and why?
    What are you missing in your current cameras?
    What lenses to you like to use?
    Do you ever use manual focus lenses?
    How long do you intend to use this body?

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    Personally, I don’t really enjoy using DSLRs anymore, so the A7 would be my default pick there.
    But I agree with Patlex that there’s not a whole lot of value in comparing two cameras that don’t exist on the market, and probably won’t for months. And both will be considerably more expensive than the cameras that they are replacing, which are pretty heavily discounted right now.

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