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Thread: PLEASE stop lobbying, we don't need you facebook!

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    PLEASE stop lobbying, we don't need you facebook!

    It's become unbearable these days. full page, front page ads on leading dailies, web ads on youtube, ads on leading news channels, and that nagging notification when you open facebook. Handshakes with the prime minister.....

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    You want to destroy net neutrality and you want my help in doing so? please f*** off. I'm not dumb enough to see the business interests associated with a supposedly charitable program- you know that too, so why this sly marketing? Please don't show us (supposedly) underprivileged indians in your hideous ads (btw, if you are wondering, they are actors wearing particularly bad clothes and unkept hair). Please stop bombarding my mornings with full page front page newspaper ads (yes we still get our news from printed newspapers).

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    LIE! a big lie. the real average income for a low income household (say a farmer / labourer ) in a rural setting is around 1500 us$ a year. and we have a huge selection of smartphones that cost less than 100$ ( see xiaomi redmi prime 2). 3g plans (where available) cost 1-2 $ per gigabyte per month. So essentially anyone who wants to use a smartphone CAN afford it and use it (NOTE: the cost of living in a rural setting is way low compared to western countries- and according to the indian govt is 1-2$ for a (classified poor) family ).

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    Ah India has just received the best American export…..the amazing gift from the oldest democracy, Citizens United…..where money is free speech, the more money you have, the more your voice deserves to be heard. Enjoy it Indians so you can see the wonders of many more gifts to come like trickle down economics, protection of faith laws, 2nd amendments… etc.

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    Now that I made my slight remark, its true what FB is doing is very desperate, had they set-up few Wi-Fi hotspots for the money they are spending on front page ads in major newspaper, maybe I would have believed them. I was listening to a BBC documentary on e-retailing revolution in India. Amazon India grew 500% in their business in just one year, they had more sale this year on one day (before Diwali) than they had in whole of 2014 and to think that Amazon is not even the top-dog of online shops there is mind bogglingly amazing. One amazing nugget which came out of the documentary was almost 65% of all online sales is done in small villages and cities where people don’t have access to reliable internet connection.

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