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Thread: Nintendo Switch impact on PS Vita and mobile

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    Assuming that the Nintendo Switch is successful, do you see it having an impact on the PS Vita and on mobile gaming in general?

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    Nintendo Switch impact on PS Vita and mobile

    For examples, Sony may study the success of the Switch to develop a better PS Vita or given that the Switch is running AAA games a mobile processor, Apple or Google may retool their tablets (like courting console developers) to port their games to it.

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    Given how the Wii changed the gaming industry, can the Switch do the same?
    In my view, I think the answer is yes. I believe that Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and Google is closely watching the Switch. If it is successful, I think all 4 will have an answer to it. FYI, I have no proof.

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    I doubt most of the big companies are going to be too swayed by the Switch.
    I think the Vita was enough of a flop and a distraction for Sony that they won’t be touching mobile for at least a generation, maybe more.

    Apple has never cared about gaming enough for the Switch to matter to them. Their revamp of the Apple TV was an excellent chance to make a real beachhead into living room gaming which they completely flubbed and they’ve really pushed the iPad to take advantage of it’s natural potential as a gaming device.

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    Google has never cared about tablets enough to put in the effort required to make a good gaming tablet. The state of Android tablets is an absolute mess and its largely due to Google’s neglect.
    Microsoft seems like the most likely candidate to try their hand at things if the Switch does well, but if Scorpio struggles as much as the XB1 did, I don’t see them allowing their gaming division to be too adventurous. Microsoft might come at it from the PC angle with a gaming-centric Surface Mini device with Switch-style controller attachments.

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