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Thread: Best College Laptop?

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    Best College Laptop?

    My mom is going back to college to finish her degree and needs a new laptop. She was considering a mac, but I want her to get a PC. She's planning on doing minor video and photo editing on it, and no gaming. Her biggest caveats are that it has to look good, it has to be thin and light, and it has to last a whole day. Price isn't an issue.

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    The ones we're currently considering (in order of likeliness) are:
    Dell XPS 15
    Surface Book
    Macbook Pro 2014
    HP Elite X2
    Macbook Air 2014
    But we're open to other suggestions. Thanks!

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    Dell XPSS 15 or Macbook Pro.
    Forget the rest and simply decide if you want her to use a OSX or Windows.
    She was considering a mac, but I want her to get a PC.
    Which is she most comfortable using? Get her what she wants, not what you want her to have.

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    If you want to save some money, the Dell Inspiron 7559 is another good choice. It has an i5 6300HQ, GTX960M, 8GB of RAM (upgradeable), and a regular 256GB SATA SSD, which while isn’t the fastest thing, is more easily upgradeable too. It isn’t as sharp looking as the rMBP or XPS 15, but doesn’t necessarily look gamer-y either. It is also $800 and lasts about 7.5 hours in PCMag’s battery test. For a point of reference, the 2014 15" rMBP got about 9 hours and the new XPS 15 would probably get about the same, but they have yet to review it. But for $800, the Inspiron 7559 is a great budget option.

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    She’s looking for a thin and light with zero gaming use, so the Inspiron wouldn’t be my first pick for her even if it’s a great gaming value. Depending on what kind of degree this is, she may never tap into a dedicated GPU.

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