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Thread: Recommend me a note sharing app

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    Recommend me a note sharing app

    I'm a maths teacher. Some of my students are doing A Level exams (England) and I want a better way of sharing my solutions with students. I would like to be able to make videos like, annotating over exam questions with my voice and a pen. I think this would help students as they'd get to watch the solution progress in real time.

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    A few things.
    +I want to do this in a high quality way. I just can't take the 'film yourself drawing on paper' method.
    +I currently own a Windows laptop (damn Windows only edu applications and terrible Mac Word formatting issues), a 2010 Macbook and an iPhone 6.

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    Ideally I'd like to spend the minimum I possibly can but I'm open to buying a bit of new hardware.
    I know what I'm doing a little but even after a bit of research, I'm a little confused. What do I need? Wacom style tablet and a mic? Is there a good app for recording notes like this?
    I was hoping that clever Verge people could give me a hand.

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    If you want to do something like that, then I’d say maybe buy a cheap wacom tablet and a decent mic to record yourself talking and you can just record your screen with Quicktime on your MBP. I don’t really know any good annotating software, what I used in that gfycat is an app called Skitch, there’s probably something better out there for your needs.

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    If I understand correctly, what you want to do is interactive e-learning authoring and such (like Khan Academy lessons). In this case what is commonly considered a note-sharing app (like OneNote or Evernote) isn’t enough, but you rather need a screencasting software, that let’s you record what are you doing actively on the screen.
    A screencasting software, combined with a pen enabled PC (like a surface) or a Wacom tablet plus PC combo, lets you record whatever you are doing on the screen with the pen (or mouse or keyboard), whatever is the program you are using.
    For example recording yourself making comments on a PDF within a PDF reader, or writing down notes and formulas on OneNote or another blank note taking app… Since it records everything, you can embed videos, internet pages and so on.

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