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Thread: Why no printed guides (in English) to Affinity Photo?

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    Why no printed guides (in English) to Affinity Photo?

    As a recent convert to the Mac, and a keen photographer, I've bought Affinity Photo from the Mac App Store to use in place of Gimp 2.8, which works very slowly on my MacBook. I've taken some tentative first steps with Affinity, which seems fast and powerful, but I could do with a book, or at least a booklet, to guide me through its complexities. So far I haven't found one. Can anyone help?

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    Later: Well, it appears Serif, the maker of Affinity Photo, has no interest in assisting would-be users. Looks like the money I spent has been wasted. Photoshop Elements is well supported in print, so that gets my vote.

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    This is, quite simply, incredibly harsh on Serif. The guys running this are the exact opposite this. They are really quite an incredible team and have just released a gorgeous print book for Designer, so they may have one for Photo in the works.
    They also release informative videos on their Vimeo channel, and the forums are incredibly helpful if you reach out for help in them.
    Literally zero other pieces of software are going to compete, in terms of print material, with Adobe products.

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    Why is a print manual so important to you? Serif have a lot of excellent video, you should check them out. Affinity leaves Elements in the dust and is absolutely worth learning to use it, especially since you’ve already spent the money.

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    At 75, my brain no longer retains information as reliably, or for as long, as it used to. Hence I find Scott Kelby’s Janet and John guide to Elements 13 very useful. I can refer to its text and pictures at every stage of an operation that’s new to me, or half-remembered. I’m sure Affinity Photo is great; but I really do need printed material beside me when I’m working. Oh to be 60 again!

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