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Thread: Thoughts on Ellen Pao?

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    Thoughts on Ellen Pao?

    Regarding her departure and the hate demonstrated toward her and the parade that part of Reddit is having right now, what are your thoughts about it?

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    What did they expect? They put a woman coming from controversy surrounding gender in charge of a website with one of the most vocal and volatile communities on the internet. It’s not her fault, it’s the fault of reddit’s executive board.
    The story will play well in the news though…

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    Stunning lack of judgement all round really

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    This is the only comment this post needs.
    Disclaimer: I always hated Reddit, and I think Pao is an undeserving symbol of SJW. So I have no allegiance here.

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    I agree, they also put a woman who did not understand reddit at all in charge. Reddit is like a shady bar where just about any guy can visit and say racist things, vile sexist shit and show off NSFW content. There are the occasional educated people saying educated things but for the most part it is a free for all, the bartender doesn’t care.

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