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Thread: The "details" of creating a product

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    The "details" of creating a product

    I'm curious about getting the ball rolling on a product I've been thinking about for a while. I'd be on the design/develop side of things and would essentially need someone to be interested in doing some of the "architecture" stuff (for lack of a better word). It'd be the server/network/capacity/maybe some database type stuff. The overall product would be a web service, with the possibility of expanding to platform apps (iOS, Android, etc).

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    Assuming I don't know anyone already that'd be into doing it and that I would trust, what's a good way of establishing ownership, legal protection if the product ends up being good and we actually started something that made money?

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    Ideally I'd be finding someone about the same experience level as myself. I'm competent with my coding and UI stuff. I work as a developer for my day job. This would be the couple hours after work every night that wouldn't be a paid gig until something "happened". Which it may not ever happen obviously. The way I see it, extremely good experience that has the chance to turn into something.

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    So anyone with experience here, I'd appreciate some input on things like:
    - how to find people that'd be interested in projects like this
    - what should be done from a legal standpoint to ensure that everyone is happy and no one gets screwed in case it turns into something awesome

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    - is this even a realistic way to look at the beginning of a project?
    I probably have other questions that I've not thought of yet, but looking to stir the pot as it is.

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