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Thread: Pokemon go overkill.

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    Pokemon go overkill.

    im not against Pokemon. I've owned a few of the games. I like the idea of Pokemon go, but the sheer attention it's getting is purely ridiculous. It's not just on the verge (10 front page articles today) but everywhere. Every site is going nuts over it. You can't go online without a conversation or thread derailment with it. It went from 0 to meme god hood in a day.

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    So, when does this settle down. When do we realize that 10 front page article starts to feel like you're manufacturing it's own hype. When do we stop derailing threads all over the Internet with it? Reddit has been terrible. Verge has been terrible, the news sites have been terrible with it.

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    lets play, Enjoy the game, but let's stop feeling like we must inject Pokemon go into every aspect of life.

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    I’m loving it.
    The idea of grown adults wandering around towns and cities looking for Pokemon is just so incredibly funny to me*. What a time to be alive.
    *I don’t mean that in an insulting way! It sounds fun.

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    I love the idea. My beef isn’t with the game, it’s with the reporting of it, with news sites and tech blogs having seemingly orgasmed out dozens of articles on it overnight. (Even my local paper is going Gaga over it)

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