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Thread: Publishers: Increase Value, Not Prices

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    Publishers: Increase Value, Not Prices

    Looks like the “t” is properly liked but “here is less money to be made fearing digital media than there is embracing it.” is still borked.

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    I agree with the sentiment that publishers need to increase the value of their products, but I’m not sure that I want anything more than a simple book. Maybe publishers feel like they can’t innovate their products in order to add value, but they know they can’t admit that they are useless money drains. It looks like they are trying anything to protect their revenue streams and their livelihoods.

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    The fact is, all most of us know are “simple books” precisely because there has not been substantial effort put in developing disruptive new products by book publishers. Still, the resources Amazon, Apple , Google, Eink, Pixel Qi, Qualcomm and others have invested in ebook tech have generally proven to be wise investments. The data seems to suggest that ebook readers tend to buy and read more than the typical consumer, despite the nostalgic anecdotal suggestion than many book lovers wouldn’t give up their beloved paper books. It is possible that you would find yourself reading and connecting to more books if there were products on the market that captured your imagination, or fit easily into your lifestyle. I believe publishers should take responsibility for getting those products into your hands, rather than rely on third parties to do it.
    I agree that the industry appears to be trying to protect itstraditional revenue streams, but in a digital world, I think this is bad for the health of the industry – and the players in it – long term. Over time most organizations and institutions begin to favor perpetuity over innovation and risk-taking, and such usually leads to the very demise it seeks to prevent.

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