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Thread: A Content Producer's Side to Piracy

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    A Content Producer's Side to Piracy

    I agree with your post overall, but I also agree that the entertainment industry as a whole is often far to slow when it needs to adapt. To that end, I have a few suggestions.First, why not try partnering with a torrent site, or creating one yourself? Set up a private tracker to distribute your content on a per-gigabyte basis, to paying customers. Make the tracker private, invite only, and the security of your product should increase substantially.
    Make your content easy to acquire and easy to port to other devices. Utilize crowd-sourcing funding sites such as Kickstarter for special projects. Reach out to other Adult companies to create a coalition to operate under whichever progressive new distribution system you create from these and other suggestions. Take piracy as a challenge to produce a better product than the other guys. Pursue adult stars of other nations, not just American stars. Lastly, create patents and license them to struggling companies that are not adult related, such as the anime industry.

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    Like I said, we got into the industry because of our proficiency on the tech side. We offer every format under the sun including mobile versions, a mobile site, zero DRM of course, etc. It’s MUCH more convenient to download our content (via our CDN) rather than via torrents, so I don’t buy that people are downloading our stuff via torrent for convenience. The only thing convenient about torrents is that it is free.

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    Well, I suggested using a private torrent tracker because it’s possible to ascribe each individual user with a unique key. Might be adaptable to track and revoke subscriptions of people that leak to other torrent sites by linking that key with a user ID, distinct IP address ,and payment info set; thereby making it easier to track infringers.

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