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Thread: Who will buy Twitter?

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    So it seems Twitter is not doing so well. This could possibly be the very beginning of the end for the company. To pose my question I'm going to assume that Twitter continues to have slow/no growth and a declining revenue stream. Who buys Twitter?

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    Who will buy Twitter?

    I voted Google, but really, they already have a rarely used social network….
    Honestly, I use it (Twitter) as a news feed of sorts. I only follow websites and companies.

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    Same here. I only follow news accounts and I don’t tweet, retweet or like. Twitter makes a great news aggregator.

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    You’re underselling Twitter dramatically. A great many people do use it exactly like you do, as a news feed. That, along with the ability to actually reach customer support humans at various service-providing companies, makes Twitter a mundane but very useful tool.

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    Think about the outcry when Google Reader was shut down. Twitter has somewhat stepped into its old shoes, and it too would be most noticeable by its absence should it ever go offline. So yes, I think it’s an incredibly valuable company and service and I reckon the present stock tailspin isn’t justified by the reality of the company. I’m not saying Twitter isn’t overvalued like all the other tech companies, but it isn’t overvalued any more than them. Google could take it over, treat it like YouTube (i.e. don’t rush into monetisation, leave the basic service to evolve in its own time) and build a huge new tentpole for its online empire.

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