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Thread: Nintendo Switch: You buying?

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    Nintendo Switch: You buying?

    I will.
    I want good to great mobile gaming that isn’t full of worthless IAP or terribly implemented free to play mechanics.

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    I preordered the Nintendo Switch in Gray along with Zelda and Just Dance. Very excited for March 3rd!
    While I can understand why many might not want to get the NS, I think this fits me perfectly.
    I want to play games with a deeper experience. I have disposable income, but not a ton of free time. When I want to play games, I prefer to do so in a more mobile, laid back fashion, such as lounging on the couch. I don’t care much for playing online, but enjoy playing with my friends next to me. I travel frequently enough on road trips that I can still get in a gaming session of a couple hours.

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    Again, I think I’m the target audience for the Switch. I don’t care as much about how great a game looks; if the experience overall is great, I can forgive the appearance.
    If nothing else, I hope this move by Nintendo is successful enough that it warrants Sony and Microsoft to start seriously considering making gaming a more portable experience. Especially Sony.
    They have a wealth of PS2/3 games that I would love to play on a device like the Switch.

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    They put out a new Zelda, I buy whatever console I have to, to play Zelda. It’s like clockwork

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    You can get Zelda on Wii U… does this change your decision?

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