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Thread: Thoughts on the Sale of Yahoo, and the Best Suitor For Their Aseet

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    Thoughts on the Sale of Yahoo, and the Best Suitor For Their Aseet

    An end of era has come, We saw so many big players gone from the mobile and web industry, and Yahoo's time is up today.This time around, their asset are put on sale for the highest bidder or whichever company their board member sees fit.

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    To be honest, one of my early email address was an Yahoo email, and I still uses it occasionally to sign in to theVerge discussion board. I had fond memories of this website, it provide countless hours of amusement and entertainment in my early teenage years. Yahoo Pool was its killer App when Netscape was the best browser on the planet, and Yahoo music was my Spotify when I needed a fix for my favorite musician. Last but not least, Yahoo Finance was a godsend when I needed in-depth information when I needed to do research for my college Finance class.

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    However, all things good no matter how great or enduring must come to an end. It's sad to see Yahoo go, but I have come and say my Goodbye. Please feel free to comment and fill out my poll.

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    I know exactly what Google would gain from it – the search engine market share that yahoo still has.
    If they could they should just buy that however…

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    Well that’s the thing.
    Tumblr is valuable. Flickr might have some value. A lot of people use Yahoo Mail.
    But the whole is much less than the sum of its parts.
    Yahoo needs to be gutted piece by piece.

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