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Thread: Reddit's "reputation for virulent racism"

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    Reddit's "reputation for virulent racism"

    Did you know that one of Reddit’s most vibrant subreddits is devoted to Black Twitter? It might come as a shock considering the site’s reputation for virulent racism, but r/BlackPeopleTwitter, a channel that showcases the jokes and positivity black people share with one another, holds roughly half of the top 50 posts on Reddit from the past year.

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    Um, what? I use reddit almost every day and don't encounter "virulent racism." (I see racism on YouTube, for example, much more often.) Where is this coming from?
    P.S. I initially scrolled down to comment on this, but comments are off. It's very frustrating that I can't directly call this out on the article itself.

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    Edit: Thanks for the responses. I think my view has changed somewhat, in that people who are less familiar with reddit may have that perception. But my issue with The Verge's phrasing still exists. In my experience, I see many more racist YouTube comments (with lots of upvotes!), but I don't recall The Verge referring to YouTube in such a manner. Thanks again!

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    I thought so too, way to generalize an entire website. I’m not even sure which subreddits have that reputation.

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    You should listen to last weeks episode of Upvoted. It describes reddit racism problem quite well.
    Also since you can’t comment on the article, you could always email the author or hit him up on twitter right?

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