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Thread: Most powerful console is never the best-selling

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    Most powerful console is never the best-selling

    This article published on The Verge got me thinking about Project Scorpio, how it might be a bridge between PC and consoles and how a certain rule seemed to be true throughout console generations. I've noticed that for each of the console generations (console generations defined here) the most technically powerful is never the sales leader. I am defining technical power by tech specs like CPU, GPU and memory. Examples below:

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    1st generation
    Created the industry, but game consoles were not popularised until 2nd generation. Therefore, excluding the 1st gen from this discussion

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    2nd generation
    Most powerful: ColecoVision
    Best seller: Atari 2600

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    3rd generation
    Most powerful: Sega Master System
    Best seller: Nintendo Entertainment System

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    4th generation
    Most powerful: Neo Geo
    Best seller: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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