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Thread: Regarding articles about Reddit

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    Regarding articles about Reddit

    It looks like every Reddit article has to harp on the Reddit community as a whole due to the actions of a small minority. For example,
    Pao has been the subject of vitriol from an angry coalition of Reddit users who have relentlessly mocked and denigrated her, often using sexist, viscious language, over disagreements about the company's recent decisions.
    For weeks, Reddit users have used extreme insults against Pao, comparing her to tyrants. Several attempts were made to associate her name with the Nazi flag in search engines.

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    I am not dismissing these statements outright, as they are of course true, I am simply trying to point out that this does not represent the community at all really. Even in the same note that you quote Altman from he goes on to say this,
    Ellen asked me to point out that the sweeping majority of redditors didn't do this, and many were incredibly supportive.
    I just get the feeling of an agenda being pushed that makes it seem that the community of millions of people is somehow filled with all these misogynists, racists, etc. than it actually is. A fair representation would be nice...

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    It does have its problems, but that is what happens when you have as open as possible community. Ideally all of the negative/idiotic comments would be downvoted to the point where they are hidden.
    I’m just trying to say here that the Verge seems to make these comments the norm of those on reddit. An example that I would give to support the community would be the very thread in which Pao apologized. All of the top comments are those trying to seek a response in a non-aggressive tone. A thread like this would have been a great spot for the angry coalition to make even more threats or demeaning posts right?

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    For a substantial portion of time (20 minutes?), the #2 comment on Pao’s announcement was a white supremacist making a joke about punching her in the face.

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    In fairness, it was eventually downvoted into oblivion, and I have no doubt that the vast majority of Reddit users find this sort of thing repulsive. But it keeps happening, and it’s an important factor in explaining why Pao’s tenure as CEO went bad so fast. I’m not sure what service we’d be providing as journalists by ignoring it.

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