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Thread: Why do you consume internet #content?

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    Why do you consume internet #content?

    I click Buzzfeed links and Verge links and Awl links and Polygonlinks for the same reason anybody does: there's a hole in my heart, and I hope 300-400 words of web content will fill it. If I want to learn anything of lasting importance, I read it in a book. If I want to be entertained, I watch a movie on Netflix. If I want to learn how to do something, I read it on some developer's self-hosted blog. If something is truly valuable it's usually free or paid-for. Ad-supported things are usually built not because they are necessary, but because they will generate more clicks and therefore more ad revenue.

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    It left me thinking for a while, but I ultimately believe he is overgeneralizing the nature and purpose of content. Books, Netflix, and webpages are just formats. A movie on Netflix can leave you a long-lasting lesson just as much as a book can entertain you. And so does the web. It is true and irrefutable that the internet is saturated with poor, clickbait, revenue-seeking stuff, but that doesn't mean that nowadays all publications value profit over quality, as Paul suggests. There are plenty of ways to clean your internet habits so you don't come across crappy content as often (I'll be pleased to share my methods if you ask). Also, it helps to not be weak and recognize when an article is clickbaity or superfluous so you can deliberately avoid it. The disastrous state of web advertising is what led Paul to write that, but I don't think his absolutist content-blocking approach is the best one towards this big issue.

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    Basically just install an adblocker, Page Eraser, Stylish (Chrome extensions) and curate your social and news feeds as much as you can. This means unfollowing as much people as you can from every social network.

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    That’s pretty nebulous, but well I already do most of that.

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    and do you still com across stupid, unwanted content all the time?

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