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Thread: PlayStation 3's games on PlayStation 4

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    I think Sony should focus on making a ps3 emulator on ps4 ( they probably working on it )
    rather than making more hd remastered of hd remastered games and making players pay for what games they already have !! :P

    I know there are a lot of ps4 players didn't have these games on ps3 but that isn't an excuse !!!
    That's my opinion !!!

    What do u think about it ??
    Are u gonna pay again for these games if u already have them on ur ps3 ???

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    PlayStation 3's games on PlayStation 4

    Sony can’t make a PS3 emulator for the PS4.

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    It’s not impossible, ….
    It may require editing those games to make it playable on ps4, this is what Xbox doing !!

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    Its not the same as what xbox are doing at all.
    The PS3 used IBM PowerPC architecture. But the PS4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 all now use intel x86 architecture. Making software run on different architecture is almost impossible which the ps3 to ps4 is doing. It’s however easy for Xbox as they are both x86, it’s like getting a game from you windows 7 laptop, running on your windows 10 desktop, it all the same base architecture.

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    I can assure you the Xbox 360 is not x86. In fact, it’s the similar IBM PowerPC architecture but doesn’t use the SPU ideas of the PS3. MS is one of the largest software companies in the world so they dedicated a lot of resources to make this happen. Also remember the Xbox One actually runs three operating systems that are designed specifically for virtualization. I suspect the X360 runs in a virtualized operation system that appears like a real X360.
    "The Xbox 360 takes a new approach to hardware compared to its predecessor. The XCPU, named Xenon at Microsoft and "Waternoose" at IBM, is a custom triple-core 64-bit PowerPC-based design by IBM. "

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