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Thread: Noah Kravitz sued by phonedog

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    Noah Kravitz sued by phonedog

    I just found this today, I can't believe this can be possible.

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    This is completely insane. I will never read that site again.
    The first person who popped into my head when readin this was, strangely, Paul Thurrot. Why? Because he would never do such a thing. He as a writer and podcaster leans on the quality of his own work so much that he doesn’t even talk about it unless asked. This story shows the exact opposite. It shows greedy people doing greedy deeds.
    Come to think of it, I can’t immagine anyone involved with The Verge doing something so petty either.

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    He changed his twitter handle from Phonedog_Noah to NoahKravitz but kept the followers. The smart thing would have been to start a new account as NoahKravitz and ask people to follow him there. I like Noah and his reviews but I have to lean towards Phonedog being in the right here.
    As an example, when John Quach left Tehkseven, he just abandoned his Tehkseven twitter account and started a new one from scratch . He’s now on twitter as!/itsJonQ

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    If they don’t have his signature on an agreement that makes the account theirs, and he set the account up himself then they are on extremely shaky ground. Of course he probably can’t afford to fight the case, so they’ll win – but that’s not to say that they’re in the right.

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