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Thread: Getting started with PC builds

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    Getting started with PC builds

    Currently I have an old HP with maxed-out storage and ram. I've mounted it to the bottom of my desk and it drives my monitor and is totally out of the way (I call it faux-all-in-one) underneath my desk. I'm happy with it, considering I spent almost nothing to just rip the screen out and buy some mounts, but I'm considering selling off what's inside (mostly the 850 Pro SSD) and springing for a desktop PC build. I'd like to build something that can complement my Spectre x360 with some grunt and processing power for light gaming and graphics work.

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    I've been toying around with pcpartpicker and have come up with the following build: see update
    Any feedback? Clear errors? Price-saving components to change out? I'd like to keep 700 as my rough ceiling, unless I've made grave mistakes. Help appreciated, thanks y'all.

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    I think I'm pretty solid on most everything except CPU/GPU. Thanks y'all! These builds below also include components I already own.
    Intel Option: (lookin' good)
    AMD Option: (nice and cheap)
    I'm thinking I don't want an overclockable CPU, but one with integrated graphics so that I could forego a GPU altogether if the budget is tight. That rules out the Xeon (because no integrated graphics), eliminates the 4690K (because I don't need/want overclock), leaving the i5-4460 as the remaining choice. Is there a better choice for integrated graphics? Is there a major leap from going i7? Plus, there's the A10 with the iGPU as well.

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    (Removed the hard drive altogether since I'll be using my 850 Pro (256gb) as well as a Toshiba 1tb for storage space. Can I get 2.5" to 3.5" drive bay adapters?)

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    If you’re very price conscious, you still can scrap an extra 15 bucks on the processor and go for an locked version (i5-4690).
    But if you’re still a bit flexible on the price, and are planning on overclocking in the future, you could go the other way and go for a Z97 motherboard. Historically H** variant are locked and can’t overclock, and Z** variant can. Although if I remember some Haswell H** board can overclock, but I’m not sure of the particular model you choose, I would look that up (often it requires flashing the BIOS). But either way, choosing an unlock CPU with a Lock Board is a bit of a mismatch.
    Personally I would shy away from Seagate drives, they have a reputation for high failure rates. People like them because they are very cheap for the performance, but I’m more of a reliability guy. The ST1000DM003 is an ok Drive, but for 2-3$ you can get a WD or Hitashi drive who have a better reputation and better warranty support.
    For the PSU, I would recommend picking on that list, I don’t know the one you chose, and EVGA usually has a reputation for good, affordable and reliable gear, but when in comes to PSU it all depends on the capacitor’s OEM. So better err on the side of caution (PSU isn’t the biggest point of failure, but when it does it have a tendency to burnout CPU and Mobo if the unit doesn’t have good fail protection).

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