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Thread: How much would YOU award apple if they won?

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    How much would YOU award apple if they won?

    They are asking for up to 2.5 billion, which is pretty high, but if you were juror king and gave them the victory on certain fronts, how much would you award them?

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    I think I would award them around 1-3 dollars per galaxy s variant sold in the US, and 1 cent for everything else.

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    Under the conditions that they won (I hope not), I would probably award $1.50 per Galaxy S Variant and 0.5 cents for everything else. Quite honestly, I hope they get a mistrial more than anything else. I really wish Apple would stop hindering INNOVATION by suing everyone. After all, Innovation is the refining of an established product and improving it for the better. They truly are holding back the entire industry by threatening everyone who makes a rectangle with rounded corners and a similar ICON. After all, it’s not called icon for no reason. It’s supposed to be easily recognizable for everyone.

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    You might want to read up on what trade dress is and that aspect of the lawsuit. The trade dress portion is fairly strong. It’s not about a rectangle it’s about everything in combination which makes it ape the iPhone so closely that can lead to confusion.

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