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Thread: 360 Video Facebook VS YouTube

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    360 Video Facebook VS YouTube

    Facebook just launched their version of 360Video. YouTube has had the feature active for awhile. As a creator of 360Video here are the main differences:

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    1) THIS IS A BIG ONE - Facebook 360Video automatically plays and pans the first few seconds of the video so users scrolling past notice that the video is 360.
    2) So far Facebook hasn't implemented mobile (my updated app on my Moto X does not have the functionality yet) or 4K capabilities.

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    If you haven't seen either of these formats yet, here is a facebook and youtube version of the same video, a rendering I did of standing in the center of Apple Campus 2:
    I'll update this post after I've uploaded a few more videos.

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    Awesome! You should check out Littlstar. It is a site and mobile/VR apps that has tons of content from the likes of Red Bull, Discovery, Volvo, Fusion TV, and more. It also works everywhere, which YouTube and Facebook 360 do not..

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    Well I can’t use Facebook’s video service for a couple reasons.
    1. I don’t have a Facebook account
    2. I use iOS and OS X and Facebook 360 video is not compatible with Safari.
    So there’s that…..

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