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Thread: i want nintendo switch buuut

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    i want nintendo switch buuut

    Nintendo has the most loyal fan base I've ever seen... Next to chik-fil-a and homestuck fans (lol).
    but seriously do you think its worth it?? I want one but I'm just not enticed yet... I feel like Nintendo makes great and amazing hardware, for their consoles. but the software and tech they put inside is eehh "debatable".

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    they have a hardcore dedicated fan base that is always going to eat up what ever Nintendo hands them. that's great for their profits, but not as a whole for a company. PERSONALLY I feel like Nintendo relies on making a new console every year rather than taking the nice pieces of hardware they have and ACTUALLY MAKING THINGS MEANT FOR IT.

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    a lot of companies have a bad habit of making some nice piece of tech or accessory or something and it gets really hyped or shows lots of promise. then it just slowly fades into the dark. for example the PS vita, and Wii U. both were pretty nice solid products but nothing came to use the touch/screen pad on the Vita. and the Wii u game pad had a few things to utilize it but frankly all it was used for was a second game screen or a entire screen dedicated to checking health/inventory IF the game Dev's thought of that.

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    I don't know I just want to see Nintendo actually make a product and put it to full use! not to mention I want to see new titles I'm tired of same old LoZ , sonic, and Mario remakes. I think if Nintendo pumped out some original triple A titles they would hit a major score

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    I would say wait until the system comes out.
    Wait until games are confirmed for the launch window. The system won’t change between release and a year after release hardware wise.
    The Wii was a runaway success because of who Nintendo marketed the system towards. The WiiU was less successful because Nintendo bet against the trends of the current market and lost. This is a major bet by Nintendo that they want to draw in mobile gamers, but whether those people who have smartphones at all time and play less than $5 games will buy what amounts to a tablet that will have mostly $20-60 games is anyone’s guess. Sure it can dock at home, but it is no PS4 or Xbox One
    Wait until we get more details. Wait until people put the system to the test.
    Then decide.

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