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Thread: Searching for an HTML-Editor

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    Searching for an HTML-Editor

    Do you gys know a HTML-Editor, which is like the Web-App from "codeacademy"?
    Would be nice to know what kind of program you use..
    Thanks for help.

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    What OS are you using? For me, I use TextWrangler for iOS and Notepad++ for Windows.

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    The first thing you should install is node.js, and then read into the basics of Gulp (or if you like, Grunt). Once you have set up a buildsystem, virtually every editor you use will react on the changes you make instantly (look up gulp-connect with live-editing for instance). A buildsystem will give you so many advantages later, the 15 minutes you spend to dive through information that at first seems hard to grasp is totally worth it. At the first stage it will give you just what you asked, live editing. At a later stage it will prefix your css, fix your code, minify everything, compress your images, compose a distributable, etc.

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    As an editor, try, it’s probably very close to what you’re used to and has tons of plugins to make coding easier. There’s also Sublime, Brackets and many others.

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    Atom is what I use, very similar to the codeacademy web app.

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