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Thread: Facebook tries out topical news feeds again

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    Facebook tries out topical news feeds again

    So Facebook is putting out multiple news feeds again to wrangle the single stream of algorithmically assembled content into more specific stacks. I like the idea... but it feels familiar.

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    Hasn't Facebook tried this before? At least once, maybe twice if you include Lists?
    And do we think this implementation will succeed where others did not?

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    This is the version that I remember on mobile, which (I think) put together groups of content for you based on liking a lot of pages in a specific category.
    The problem with this approach is/was discoverability. As with carousels, dropdowns, and hamburger menus (that’s another debate, of course), the problem is that most people don’t bother changing/exploring other options.

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    Facebook seems to be addressing this head-on so… maybe it’ll work?
    What do you all think?
    Previous approach:

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