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Thread: Why I stopped using an adblocker

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    Why I stopped using an adblocker

    So I used to have Adblock on Chrome on my Windows laptop. I already didn't use one on my Android because I simply don't browse enough on it for it to be of any use.

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    Ok, so back to my Chrome browser. I used to have Adblock on by default for any and every website and it was great: clean webpages, fast load times, no annoying popups! Then I started whitelisting certain websites (The Verge was one, but also Facebook and Google). And then, I switched to having Adblock off by default and blacklisting certain websites (most notably, torrent sites and their terrible, terrible ads) but I was also blacklisting Youtube, because I watch a lot of it and the same ads kept coming on and when you've seen some crappy bank ad 5 times in a row it gets really old.

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    Ok, so why did I end up completely uninstalling Adblock you ask? Well, the reason is actually kinda simple, I felt guilty I was stealing money away from content creators that I loved. A lot of the channels on Youtube I follow deliver top-tier content every week and even sometimes every day! These guys deserve to get paid for their work!

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    Like I watched a VSauce video and god damn Michael deserves to have wads of money thrown at him! But since I can't do that, I watched a 5sec pre-roll instead. Same thing for Casey Neistat's vlog, Epic Meal Time, TheSmokingTire, LifeAccordingToJimmy, all these guys deliver great content super regularly! I'm not gonna pretend my time is that valuable, clearly I'm already spending hours watching YouTube every week I'm not fooling anybody.

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    And yeah, every time I see that crappy ad about Russian girls in my area or some bank that wants to loan me money I still wanna punch my screen. It's worth it though, because at the other end of that screen there's the Verge staff, there's Michael Stevens or Harley Morenstein. And in the end, those guys are doing a hell of a job. And if I can pay them for their job by spending a couple minutes each day listening to the dude with a Lamborghini and seven bookshelves in his garage then I'll do it.

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