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Thread: Selling Gear

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    Selling Gear

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best way to sell gear? I've sold to Adorama before and while they are good, they do not pay as much as I'd like.

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    I was going to look at them as well. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences.

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    I have had reasonably good luck selling on Craigslist and Kijiji, just local sales.
    In the past couple weeks I’ve been in the process of converting unused gear into cash, and have already made about $1100, so I’ve been able to sell a lot of things that I’ve had for a while for approximately the same price that I’ve paid for them.

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    A lot of that has to do with currency swings, since I bought them in USD online and am selling them in Canadian dollars, where the local prices are inflated by our crappy dollar…
    But yeah, if you can deal with the increased hassle, I think local classified ads will get you the best prices if you’re in a reasonably sized city.

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    kijiji/Craigslist is the best, imo because there’s no fees and you can just leave it on the site until someone wants to buy it. ebay is pretty good as long as enough people want what you’re settling, you’ll get pretty much exactly fair value for it. Keh is good for old crap that very few people want, they give you a decent amount of money without any hassle, which is a nice change from having zero people watch an eBay auction. I sent them a bunch of FD lenses for about what i would’ve gotten if i put in a ton of effort and relisted 2 or 3 times.

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