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    Weather App for iOS

    I'm a sort of weather nerd and have been using Weather Mate to stay in touch with the weather forecasts on my iPhone. The app is pretty good as it provides me access to quite advanced meteorological weather information. I've been planning my holidays using this app and it even informs me about severe weather alerts. The weather stations feature makes use of weather terminals at airports and personal weather stations to keep me updated with the local weather conditions. So, I'm quite satisfied with my app. What weather app are you using? Are you satisfied with it? Let us all know!

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    Dark Sky. My favorite. It’s also one of the apps that got me back to using iOS after going Android for 8 months. I liked Android, but it just didn’t have the specific apps I wanted. Sure, it had ones close to the apps, but not the exact apps. Dark Sky was one of them.

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    Also, it’s weather forecast, for our area at least, are usually spot-on. It will tell you it’s going to start raining in the next 20 minutes or whatever. It’s really great.

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    Agreed all the way.
    +1000 on Dark Sky — best weather app I’ve ever on iOS since forever and nothing else has dethroned it for me.

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    Dark Sky is superb if you are in one of the areas it covers but, unfortunately for us in Europe, there are huge areas it doesn’t.
    So at home in UK, I use Darksky but in France I use Accuweather

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