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Thread: Nintendo Direct: Games you want!

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    Nintendo Direct: Games you want!

    So, the Nintendo Direct has ended.
    What game or games are you looking forward to now?

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    Octopath Traveler has my immediate interest.
    Something about it’s old school style, and kinda unique take on an RPG, following different stories has me intrigued.

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    (Finally) playing the (fantastic so far) Xenogears Chronicles 2 made me all the more excited for Octopath Traveler. The pick-up-and-play nature of the console just makes it so damn great for JRPGs.

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    As for the Direct, I am definitely getting:

    1. Smash
    2. Ocopath

    And I am pondering:

    1. Mario Tennis
    2. Dark Souls (I’ve played some Demon Souls, and finished Bloodborne, but somehow never played Dark Souls)

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    Also, not in the Direct, but I’m excited for Valkyria Chronicles 4. I adored the first game, and having a game like it on the Switch is super-exciting.

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