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Thread: What the hell happened to the Instagram interface?

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    What the hell happened to the Instagram interface?

    I have seen no news about this anywhere, including the Instagram blog. Even the app screenshots are still blue/black on the iOS app store.

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    I have today’s update installed and I’m not seeeing this. It’s still using blue for me (iOS). Maybe restart phone or uninstall and reinstall the app?

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    I’ve got the new interface too. Mixed opinions- Dark theme was more aesthetic but the white definitely draws more attention to the actual photos.

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    I disagree, I find the white tool bar clashes with the comments and white background. The darker toolbar and header allowed the images to pop.
    Reminds me of the new Office… Where do the tools end and the document begin? Bad bad bad.

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    I agree to an extent, however I still think content front & centre is more important than interface. By now, Instagram buttons are a reflex for me by now, but I suppose if the user is new to the application it wouldn’t be so clear. Word has a ridiculous abundance of options on the top page, whereas Instagram has only 5 buttons.

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