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Thread: Publishers: Increase Value, Not Prices

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    As much as we love internet-connected devices, content is still king. The nerdiest among us may be in denial, as we crave more powerful computational devices, but we are passing dawn in the era of casual computing. Most people use tablets, smartphones, even laptops for browsing the internet and listening/ reading/ watching old media.

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    Publishers: Increase Value, Not Prices

    From geeks to grandparents, the gadgets that people go for are the ones that serve up the content they want when they want it. Don't believe me? Go remove all the music, movie, and book content and apps from your tablet or superphone. I'll wait. Now that you are free of all those silly movies, books, and music, does your device feel more useful?

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    The truth is, if tomorrow, web-connected gadgets could no longer access online music, movies, and books, don't look for me: I’ll be holed up in a basement hoarding water and cans of beans because Internet Armageddon is upon us.

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    Old media still matters. Screen resolution and display technology, audio driver and speaker performance, onboard and expandable storage, cloud services, airplay and DLNA, wifi and Bluetooth, even battery life are all a lot less sexy without content.

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    I am a consumer and I care about content. I care about music, I care about movies, and I care about books. I judge my devices on how well they deliver the content I want. I obsess about the best streaming applications. I research and compare cloud storage solutions and am so heavily invested in the marketplaces where the content I want is available, it affects the devices I buy. Content matters and so do the content creators without whom my favorite song, movie, and book would not exist.

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