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Thread: MEDIA (Radio Stations) App

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    MEDIA (Radio Stations) App

    Hello everyone!
    I would like to create a radio station app (w/ multiple stations).I would like the app to be web based (html5).

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    Does anyone know of the best software I can use to do that, if there is any (preferably w/ basic option to create for free)?
    I have tried a few but they do not seem to meet my needs.
    Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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    What type of software are you looking for? If you’re creating a web app, you’re the one who writes the software, and all of the tools you use will most likely be free, apart from hosting and related services.

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    Thank you, imo, for the clarification.
    Does creating your own software take a lot of expertise?
    And if not, can you please indicate me how or where to get started?
    Thank you again.

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    There’s a great directory of tutorials and such on this site, all the way from the basics of Python to the intricacies of GPU shaders. Probably start with HTML/CSS stuff and slowly work your way up to Node.js, which is a popular runtime environment that gives you a foundation upon which to build apps of any complexity.

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