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    Password App

    In view of the Yahoo hack (i have an old defunct account), I was thinking of resetting password for the zillion logins I have. There are options to use a password tool which can generate random passwords.
    Which one would be the right option considering, access would be needed on desktop (Chrome), mobile phones (apps, chrome, safari)
    OnePass is probably the most popular one, but they were hacked recently. Didn't Google have something similar?
    Any advise would be helpful.

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    I use Dashlane on my Mac. I use the free version but the premium service offers more.

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    I use 1Password and swear by it. I bought it way back when you had to pay for each individual app, but it was worth it. Now they have a kind of subscription model that works well.
    I also tried Dashlane and LastPass at various times too but return to 1Password. I like that it handles 2FA (not sure if the others do) and that it has apps for just about every platform (except Chrome OS).

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    I am using the latest version of Intel True Key a facial recognition tool on my Mac. It that allows me to use my face to open secured files/data/information and programs. Now I don’t need to remember long and complex passwords. It allows me to put the strongest password that no one can break.

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    I’ve used a few, including Blur, Zoho Vault and Kaspersky Password manager, but my favourite and one I’ve gone back to is Lastpass.
    It’s always had a free option, but now they’ve made that option better by allowing you to sync on multiple devices, so that’s great.
    It was hacked but because of the way it secures your data, no passwords were stolen, so that’s good. It also has a 2FA option as well.

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