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Thread: Snapchat Update

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    Snapchat Update

    I don’t like the update, I downloaded two months old version but it seems that the changes are on the backend

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    I actually am one of the few ones who don’t mind the update as much.
    Sure, the stories page of celebrities one follows has gotten worse with some mixups and whatnot, but otherwise its alright, and has a new vibe to it.
    Maybe its also the fact that i am on beta and i got the update like 2 months ago, so i have become used to it

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    It sucks. And I have yet to see anyone I know like it. These social media companies say it drives traffic and shit, but all I know is, I left Facebook because it was too cluttered and I will do the same with Snapchat. My usage has already dropped since the update. Eventually I’ll just get rid of it.

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    Pretty much everyone, even that Jenner person, hates it. But Snapchat doubled down on not going back.

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