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Thread: Leaving Facebook

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    Leaving Facebook

    Could this be a second chance for Google+?
    I used Orkut before fb, owned by Google, and it was great. It had all the user base, but when fb came out, Gogle didnt give orkut much attention and everyone went to fb, sad. Orkut even had great themes
    Has Snapchat been given a lifeline?
    I think snap is very different from fb, but as far as lifeline of it, its very popular where i live.
    Or do we just need to wait for Apple’s new and privacy-focused social network exclusively for owners of Apple devices?

    Ps: Those last 4 options in poll tho, they are in increasing order of extent of laughter

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    Attention is love. Give your product no love and it’s gonna fade away. The future belongs to the lovers.

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    Yeah Youtube needs a bit of an update to really start looking like a social media platform.
    But it’s not too far fetched. Just not really there in its current form.

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