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Thread: Net Neutrality is YOUR Problem

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    Unfortunately we don’t have an FCC that cares about the desires or opinions of the people. That’s no excuse not to do something but I’m almost certain net neutrality is on its last leg, at least until we have a Democrat in the White House and even then it’s pretty up in the air.

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    Net Neutrality is YOUR Problem

    Eh, I don’t think it really matters much. Net neutrality didn’t change much in positive or negative direction during that time. We don’t have it in most of EU, and it seems to be working mostly fine in the majority of the EU.
    I am in favor of something a bit more drastic than simple NN though – requiring split between owning cables and offering services over those cables. Force ALL ISPs to let people use ISP1 through cables of ISP2. With the price ISPs have to pay each other mandated by the USA, not letting them pick whatever BS number they fancy.

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    Net neutrality will lose for now because half of America can’t be bothered to vote during elections. Worse on non-general election years.
    You better fucking show up in the midterms and vote.
    And again in 2020.
    And any other local election that shows up in between.

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    Wish you love.
    ❤ take care
    Ps. I hope i comprehend.

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