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Thread: How to resell or recycle old computers/parts?

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    How to resell or recycle old computers/parts?

    I think eBay tends to be the place to go as people actually look for spare parts there.
    You can recycle at e-recycling plants. My state has free e-recycling for its residents (but businesses pay a fee). Google "e-recycling my state" where my state is your state.
    Hard drives: If you know how to make a bootable USB stick then download DBAN or similar, make a bootable USB stick from the ISO, then boot to with the USB stick, then wipe the drive.

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    Thanks. I went through the couple of old laptops that I have and they only have 120GB hard drives and 2 1GB of memory so I’m not going to bother trying to sell the parts.
    I downloaded DBAN and Rufus and running DBAN now on the first drive. I’m running the DOD Short method and I think it’s going to take all day! Good thing I didn’t go for the 7 pass method!
    I did find out that there’s going to be an electronics recycling drop off tomorrow a few miles up the road, so I’ll take the computers up there.

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    I spent the weekend wiping 3 hard drives with DBAN. The only thing I don’t like with this utility is that it slaps an ad for the paid version on the screen at the end and the only thing you can do is shut down the machine to get rid of it.

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    You could also drive wipe with plain Linux and get no ads but I’d figured you might not have Linux terminal experience. This command would wipe the drive with random data:
    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX bs=1M
    With sdX replaced with the actual drive name.

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