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Thread: Instagram redisign: Hate it, or love it?

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    Instagram redisign: Hate it, or love it?

    I don’t like bad redisigns in general….

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    The icon is horrible. It looks like a cheap too-bright gradient on an oddly shaped camera – not quite a square with rounded edges – it’s sides are too curved. It’s ugly.
    The black and white once you’re in the app is ok. I think it’s a little bland, even though I understand the point to to focus on the photos. I think the hyperlinks that used to be blue are hard to identify now, since they’re all just bolded black and white like the rest of the text.

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    I didn’t like the initial testing screenshots that were shown earlier, thought it was too monochrome, but now that I’m using it I actually like it. The new icon is a bit much though.

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    I don’t necessarily hate it, but I think the new icon is bland and terrible, and I know a lot of people who aren’t tech nerds are gonna hate it. Instagram seem to not understand the importance of a classic and recognisable logo. Don’t fix what aint broken.

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    They also threw away their signature dark jade-blue color.

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