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Thread: Do NOT Buy a Samsung

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    Is X-Files coming back after the recent miniseries?

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    On one hand I get it- one of the biggest reasons I have an iPhone is due to Apple’s first class support and it has also pretty much led me to exclusively consider laptops and tablets from Apple, Microsoft and maybe Dell (though I don’t know if I’d want to lose there brick and mortar support). In the PC industry there are at least those three options though- all of which offer various different types of hardware for different people, when it comes to phones though no one else offers the support Apple does.
    Google is trying to do something with software support which is nice but not enough and with basically everyone else you’re shit out of luck. If your phone is busted you have to ship it off to who knows where for who knows how long for who knows how much.
    Unless you only ever want to buy iPhones- and plenty of people don’t- you’re kind of stuck with this kind of support limbo. This kind of support isn’t optimal but it isn’t really any less than what you’d expect from most any other Android OEM. It sucks but it really is one of those "deal with it" situations.

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    I used to think that Samsung really did have the best support, even ahead of Apple after my friends complained about lengthy wait times and high repair costs of their Macs and iPhones, while Samsung charges reasonable fees and usually got the work done very quickly. That first part still holds true, but the second unfortunately doesn’t.

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    That’s one thing I do still like about Apple: having the peace of mind that comes from knowing I can always just go down to my local Apple Store and have my iPhone or Mac looked at if needed.

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