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Thread: Convertible vs 2-in-1

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    Convertible vs 2-in-1

    Now I’ve been called all sorts of things for giving this feedback here in the past, but from my experience the kickstand and floppy keyboard design is an ergonomic disaster if you plan on using it on your lap.
    The extra surface area the kickstand needs, especially as you push back the screen to use it in your lap, means you wind up typing right in front of your stomach which requires you to awkwardly pull your arms back behind you and/or hunch over when typing.
    I alternated between using a Surface Pro 3 and a regular laptop in my lap for a series of day long workshops earlier in the year and every time I had been using the Surface I was crippled with neck and shoulder pain that night, but I was fine on the days I’d been using the laptop.
    I wouldn’t ever buy a Surface clone if I had any alternative.

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    I don’t think I have ever used a laptop in my lap. Like, ever.
    But thanks for pointing it out, I am aware of this, but did not put it specifically for pros of convertible.

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    Miix 700/710 would have the better battery life, due to the fact it’s using a Core M cpu, paired with a slightly bigger battery vs the Miix 510. It’s weird that they gave the 510 a smaller battery despite pairing it with a more powerful & higher wattage Core i cpu.

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    I guess I’ll have to wait and see what is the performance delta. I would love a fanless device, but not sure if core M is at the performance level that I would be comfortable with it for the next 3-4 years.
    Though, judging by the Surface Pro 4 core m review on notebookcheck, it might just cut it.

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