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Thread: How to legally obtain news feeds for a News App?

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    How to legally obtain news feeds for a News App?

    RSS? I guess it depends what you mean by obtain news.

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    This is going to lead a C&D from the news organizations if the app gets really popular. I did this myself with a popular magazine, by scraping the content using an HTML parser. Technically speaking, it’s quite simple, but I got a C&D for the app from the magazine soon enough. If you don’t remove the app, they will talk to Google/Apple and get it removed.
    So if you make such an app, don’t expect to be able to distribute it in the official app stores.

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    May be its too late to say thanks but I realized importance of your comment only after revisiting today.

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    Yea, that’s copyright infringement, and legal apps that do the same thing already exist, scraping content via licenses or RSS feeds to do so.
    Zite, Circa, P{rismatic, Google Currents, Flipboard, Pulse etc.

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    That third one is just Prismatic.

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