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Thread: Don't know what laptop/tablet during the holidays

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    Don't know what laptop/tablet during the holidays

    Honestly, unless you need something right away I’d wait and see what happens at CES.
    I’ve been in the market for a PC since May and I’m still waiting for a machine that’s at least close enough to what I want. Part of that is certainly my own fault for being a picky bastard with an arguably unnecessarily long list of requirements, but it’s also an indication that there is nothing around that can be wholeheartedly recommended. Especially at that price point.

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    Yeah, there’s nothing really good at this price point and any PC that is announced at CES doesn’t really come to market for 2-3 months which is a long wait.

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    You could probably pick up a Surface Pro 4 with keyboard + pen on eBay for that price range if you’re lucky. Or if you are very budget-conscious, a refurbed Surface Pro 3 with a SP4 keyboard and pen is even better value – the improvements to the tablet from SP3 to SP4 aren’t that significant IMO.

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